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Usurpation is a turn-based RPG that lets you tame, bond with, and battle against monsters! This is currently a work in progress and future updates are being planned.  Any critique for this game is welcome! 


Commands, Items, Flee, Monsters - Mouse click

'Press any button' - Mouse click

Player movement - W,A,S,D


Additional information---------------

(Note All the music in the game is placeholder music provided by  Darren Curtis.  https://www.darrencurtismusic.com/dark-music  )

(All Player U.I., monsters, and title screen were made by me.   

Needs fixing ---------

Press any button-  needs to be clicked on (working on getting it as any key pressed)

Abilities - sometimes the player will unintentionally damage the enemy player just by pressing the wrong button

Making the buttons more intuitive- either highlighting the buttons or making it clearer where you can click/use button inputs.

Enemy U.I. to be more clearly indicated. 

Player Animations - currently causes bizarre sliding issues when the player moves

Player U.I. - The text needs to be bigger/ more easy to read. 


Working on -------------------------(This is the order of priority

Turn system-  Enemy currently doesn't do anything but lose health. The player can spam the same ability over and over.

Player/Enemy Perma Death - Player/Enemy permanently dies after health drops to 0. The player specifically when they run out of party members

Custom bond(leveling) system - bond(level) determines how many points a player can distribute among each stat when inside a designated area. Gives player unique items depending on the monster.  

Pause menu/inventory system - Player can pause the game and access their party, items, and other important information down the line. Inventory system that works in both the pause menu and the battle menu. 

Capture system - Capturing the enemy and adding them to your party under a certain health threshold. 

Monsters- The ability to switch between party members.

Save system - Player can save the game.

Inventory system - Items to access from the pause menu and battle menu.

Story/NPCs/Towns/Buildings/Areas - Some sort of objective the player has, the player character's name,  NPCs that will dictate the story of the game, Towns/Buildings/Areas will give more depth to the world the player is in. 

Misc/other features- Unknown works in future updates.


Install instructions

Simply Unzip and launch Usurpation.exe


Usurpation(windows).zip 27 MB

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